Block B’s New Album Cover is Revealed

Cho PD recently tweeted a photo of Block B’s upcoming album cover to tease fans, saying “Officially Block B first copy of Block B’s debut album!! ^^” The cover is not official, but is merely a starting point for the designers. He later tweeted a link to his tumblr account, revealing a short audio clip from the new album.

He said, “Giving this song from my upcoming album as a gift to all of Cho PD fans who are not getting responses because I’ve been busy focusing on Block B lately ^^ This just finished mixing keke

The song is titled “Thrilla,” and features Zico, Park Kyung, and Hanhae. Make sure to check it out at

Cho PD is a recently retired rapper and hip hop artist. Since his retirement, he has gone on to create the 7 member group Block B, training them to sing, as well as to write and compose their own music.

Sources: Cho PD’s tumblr and twitter