LED Apple Proves Haters Wrong with Their YouTube Video

LED Apple is a new “idol rock band” and are days away from releasing their first mini-album. They produced by the same label as Kim Jong Seo, a veteran rock singer.

Story Entertainment stated, “Led Apple is unlike any other idol group that reveals their members before their actual debut. The group has been kept highly secretive in order to make sure their success is entirely dependent on their skills. They’ll become an idol group that can dance, sing ballad, rock, ballad, and play instruments all at once.”

However, there has been controversy about the band’s actual talent, as in Korea, band members must “hand sync” during their live performances. In response, LED Apple released a video to prove their skills on YouTube.

The boys also wrote, “Haters against bands. Who do you think you are to hate on bands? Don’t go on a witch hunt with knowledge you have none of.”

The video has a close up of each member playing his respective instrument, and describes what hand syncing is.  In the end, the boys say, “Haters, yes, we are a band.  We aren’t holding these instruments just for show. You said we were manipulating the media for getting so many headlines, right? If we don’t promote ourselves, how else will you learn about us? Don’t hate on us for pathetic things like that. Do we look like we’re in an idol band for fun? We’ve been working for this through all obstacles, and are still putting our lives on the line for this.

We’re a band, but we’re also going to dance. Shocking, isn’t it? If you’re going to continue hating us for having no talent, then we’ll just work harder. Haters, thanks for taking an interest in us. We’ll work harder to become the best band for you guys.

But what are you going to do? We practice live, but we’re going to meet you hand-syncing on music programs.

On June 16th, with ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.”

LED Apple consists of five members, leader and drummer Sunghyun, two vocalists I-OH and Minyong, guitarist Youngjun, and bassist ZEU.

Make sure to check out their teaser released June 13th.