SNSD’s Japanese Album Tops Japanese iTunes Chart
SNSD, by some, are called the most popular girl group Korea has to offer. Some may dispute this and some may say that SNSD are becoming the most popular girl group in Japan as well. What evidence would people have to support this?

Well, within less than two weeks, SNSD’s first Japanese album has reached number one on Japan’s iTunes album chart.

SNSD promoted the album with an arena tour of six Japanese cities and right now are in Paris for the current topic that is SM Town Paris. MBC will combine the two shows (Friday and Saturday) to create an hour long special that will be broadcasted on July 2nd.

But, SNSD is not finished with Japan yet. On June 17th, SNSD will return to Japan with a show in Tokyo. Topping the Japanese album chart isn’t easy, especially considering their a Korean group, but this just goes to show the power SNSD has over the Asian market. Considering they have achieved this much in such a short amount of time since their Japanese debut, what is next?

Picture Source: sonems