‎2PM to Produce Own Variety Show

After almost two years, 2PM is back with their own variety show!!! Just like “Idol Army” and “Wild Bunny,” it’s going to be a show led by the members themselves. The show will be called “2PM Show,” and it will start airing in July on SBS’s E!TV.

There will also be a weekly Twitter poll where fans can answer a question about the members and they will discuss the results later on the show.

To vote in the polls, follow the show’s Twitter: @SBSetv_2PMSHOW

2PM last week released its upcoming schedule regarding their new album. Their 2nd full album will be releasd on June 21st after releases of the teaser image and video on June 13th and 15th respectively. The first TV music show appearance is scheduled for June 24th through KBS “Music Bank.”