U-Know Yunho vs Lee Junho in a Dance Battle of Pride

On June 10th, SBS’s Strong Heart PD Park Sang Hyuk tweeted from his personal twitter account, saying: “A live dance battle that puts pride on the line, who will be the winner? 36th Strong heart DBSK’s Yunho vs 13th Strong Heart 2PM’s Junho! Strong Heart King of Kings Battle on June 14th, Tuesday, at 11:05pm” and also revealed a picture of Yunho and Junho together.

According to Park PD, Yunho and Junho had a competition of dance skills before, and in this broadcast, will once again be battling against each other. The dance battle between the two men looked like a dance tournament, and Yunho showed his acrobatic skills.

The extraordinary dance ability of both men could be seen from the photograph, and many people are looking forward to this performance.

Netizens who saw the photograph commented, “I’m really looking forward to the dance battle between the two men,” “Sparks will fly”, “This is a silent battle of pride,” showing a high level of anticipation.

Don’t miss this show coming up this June 14th on SBS.