Story Behind G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo’s Duet Song

G-Dragon and Park Myung Soo’s duet song for MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” has drawn much attention. Many were able to see a vague picture of the song through fan cam on the internet and got more curious about how the song was created.

The episode aired on June 11th finally revealed the story behind the song. In this particular episode, all members of “Infinite Challenge” started to prepare their duet song with their own partners. Park Myung Soo had to fly to Japan to meet up with G-Dragon, who was having a Japan tour with all other Big Bang members at that time. Park Myung Soo asked G-Dragon to show him the song, and while Park Myung Soo was listening, G-Dragon revealed, “I thought about Myung Soo hyung when I was writing the lyrics. I put those words that you say often in the lyrics.” He thus revealed part of the song and lyrics with a shy expression on his face.

The song features strong beats and fierce rap, yet the lyrics indeed remind people of Park Myung Soo; it begins with “Don’t look at other women. Don’t’ meet other friends. Where are you at now? I’m not sorry.”

After hearing the song, Park Myung Soo couldn’t hide his worries. “It seems to be harder than Naeng Myeon,” which was the duet song he sang with SNSD’s Jessica before. G-dragon jokingly replied, “CEO Yang said it’s such a shame to give you such a good song.”

Couldn’t stop laughing while watching the two discussing the song and the lyrics! Can’t wait to hear the whole song next week!

Source and picture: bntnews