SuJu’s Kim Hee Chul Transforms into ‘Lady Heehee’ in Paris!

Super Junior‘s dorky member Kim Hee Chul recently cross-dressed into a a parody version of Lady Gaga. The complete makeover was uploaded onto SM Entertainment‘s official facebook page.

The outfit was worn on June 12th during ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS’ which emphasised the close relationship between Korea and France. Heechul can be seen sporting the exact style of Lady Gaga’s unique fashion sense, wearing red lipstick, a blonde wig stylized as a button, and even walking across the stage just like Lady Gaga would! 

This is the first time any K-Pop live concert was held in Paris, and the local French and European fans responded with great enthusiasm and fanfare. This event will be broadcast on MBC on July 2nd in celebration of the broadcaster’s 50th anniversary. 

source: TVreport