KARA Thanks Fans for the Love and Support at Official Fan Meeting

Girls group KARA’s fan meeting was held at Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium on the 11th.  This was their first official activity after a five months of hiatus due to the contract dispute with DSP Media.

The girls met with the press and their fans, and delivered their thoughts by stating, “Today is the real start for KARA; we will show you a stronger KARA from now on.”

Each of them talked about their feelings and appreciation towards fans. Goo Hara said, “Today is the day our members all have been waiting for. The most difficult thing in the past five months was wondering if we would be able to meet our fans again. We talked amongst ourselves to solve misunderstandings and now we truly understand each other’s hearts.”

Maknae Kang Ji Young said, “After all this, now we are able to stand in front of you as KARA again. Both members and our agency have been worrying and struggling, trying to work our best till today. During the times when we could not carry on with our activities, we still received much love and support from our fans, just like nothing happened between the five of us. ” She also delivered her appreciation to the people affiliated to the entertainment industry who helped them get through this hard time.

Han Seung Yeon said, “I believe it’s the love and encouragement from fans that helped us to come together once again. I will never forget and will keep it in my heart forever.”

Nicole also expressed her feeling by saying, “The fan meeting today is held to repay our fans who have been supporting us with caring hearts. Not only today, from this moment to every moment we meet with our fans in the future, we will be having the same feeling just like now, to reciprocate what we have to our fans. ”

Lastly, leader Park Gyuri said, “Today is the true birth of KARA and we will show you a stronger and more solid KARA from now on. We will show our fans only the bright side of us from now. We know we have to work even harder than before. Please keep on watching over us, Thank you and we love you.”

KARA Japan Official Fanclub has also announced today that the girls will be holding another fan meeting soon in Japan, the date is set to be on August 6th, while the location is undecided yet.  For further information on this, please check out the official fanclub website here.

The girls are now preparing for their Korean comeback in September, and their fourth Japanese single “Go Go Summer” is coming out on June 29th. Wish the girls the best, KARA fighting!

Source: nate + wowkorea.jp + baidu