Blood Types, Personalities, and Celebs!

Characterizing personality by blood type is quite popular in Asian countries, and the phenomenon is comparable to the idea of matching horoscope with someone’s personality in the States. If you have had any Korean or Japanese friends, you’ve probably been asked, “What’s your blood type?” at one point in your life. While looking to your blood type to make sense of your personality may seem like a far-fetched idea, sometimes you just can’t deny how accurately they characterize you. Plus, it’s all for fun and games! 

Blood Type A : Kind, Careful, Perfectionist

People with blood type A are usually serious, patient, and perfectionists. They like to plan things out in detail before pursuing their goals. They’re very cautious and stubborn, and others perceive their desire to make everything perfect as obsessive and uptight. Type As are also very timid and indecisive in awkward situations. They’re sensitive and sentimental, often forgetting reality and getting lost in dreams. 

Best traits: conservative, introverted, patient, punctual, perfectionists

Worst traits: obsessive, stubborn, self-conscious, uptight, cautious

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa has earned the nickname “timid boy” for being very hesitant and awkward with his make-believe wife Girls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun on “We Got Married.” During their first several months together, he delighted fans with his adorable awkwardness and shyness around his “wife.” During their last episode as a married couple, Seo Hyun confessed, “I almost cried because it [their first meeting] was so awkward.” 

Some other blood type A celebrities include DBSK’s Yunho, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, actress Ha Ji Won, and actor Lee Min Ho

B Blood Type : Bright, Attractive, Frank

Men with blood type B have acquired a very negative reputation in Korea. They’re often described as selfish and temperamental. To a degree, they’re considered the worst husband materials because of their “playboy” nature. That said, women are often attracted to men with the “bad-boy” image. In fact, actors Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun starred in a rom-com movie titled “My Boyfriend is Type B” in 2005. Ha Mi (Han Ji Hye), an introverted and conservative type A college student, falls in love with Yeong Bin (Lee Dong Gun), a spontaneous and passionate type B man. However, her sister is completely against the two together in fear that her sister will end up as another victim of his whims. While type B men have acquired such negative reputations, women with this blood type do not share the same bad rep. People with blood type B are known to be passionate and creative, yet sometimes they get caught up in their own world and end up seeing self-centered to others. If they find something they’re interested in, they’ll forget everything else. On the other hand, they also get bored easily.

Best traits: creative, individualistic, passionate

Worst traits: irresponsible, self-centered, vain

You don’t have to be a fan of Big Bang’s Top (Choi Seung Hyun) to see his passion for his craft in his eyes. Behind his dark manliners lies a sharp and charismatic thirst for success. He’s considered one of the most talented rappers among Korean boy bands and the best singer-actor in the industry. He won the Best Male Rookie award at the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Best New Actor, as well as the Most Popular Award, at the 47th Baeksang Awards, for his role in the blockbuster movie “Into the Fire,” starring A-listers Kim Seung Woo, Kwon Sang Woo, and Cha Seung Won

Some other type B celebrities include Kim Hyun Joong, Big Bang’s Tae Yang, SHINee’s Min Ho, Hyun Bin, and SNSD’s Yoona

O Blood Type : Social, Active, Curious

People with blood type O are kind and place great emphasis on peace. They have bright personalities and a talent to lead others. Passion and honesty are among their greatest traits. Type Os make friends easily wherever they go and have great social skills. While they are curious about many thing, they get bored just as easily. To others, they seem like cool and controlled, but they also make big mistakes because of their careless characteristics.

Best traits: ambitious, athletic, confident

World straits: arrogant, vain, careless

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s dorky and cute personality attracts a lot of people, both fans and her fellow members, toward her. Before stepping down her role as leader of Girls’ Generation, she took her responsibilities seriously. As leader, she tried to steer the spotlight to other members and didn’t speak much on variety shows unless spoken to. Additionally, she keeps her cool and rarely gets angry. Back in 2009, Korea’s biggest community portal site DC Inside conducted a poll asking which idol group’s leader’s leadership stood out most. Tae Yeon won with an overwhelming 68.4% of the votes (1,970 votes). SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong ranked second with 9.7% (279 votes), and Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye followed with 5.4% (156 votes). 

Some other blood type O celebrities include SNSD’s Tiffany, f(x)’s Sulli, Big Bang’s Daesung, SHINee’s Onew, and JYJ’s Yoochun.

AB Blood Type : Talented, Calm, Rational

People with blood type AB are hard to categorize because they have both A and B characteristics in them. They are both introverted and extroverted, and they are often viewed as having multiple personalities because they shift from one personality to another. While they enjoy hanging with friends, they need time alone to think to themselves. Sometime they think something too deep and overthink thoughts. They seem very unforgiving as they are precise and tough to themselves and those around them. At the same time, people with blood type AB are very sensitive and very cautious. Koreans usually categorize people with AB as either a genius or an idiot. 

Best traits: cool, controlled, empathetic

Worst traits: aloof, unforgiving

Super Junior’s Hee Chul is well-known for his dorky oddball behavior from various TV programs. He’s made headlines several times with his funny, yet sometimes thoughtless remarks on screen. Additionally, he’s part of the famous Chocoball Meeting, a group of celebs who call themselves a bit psychotic, but more charming by the dall – in other words, a group of celebs with AB blood type. Chocoball’s member include Simon D, Yong Jun Hyung, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Hong Ki, Jong Sung Mo, Mithra Jin, and Sang Choo.

Other type AB celebs include 2PM’s Taecyeon, Park Jin Young (JYP), SNSD’s Yuri, and Wonder Girls’ Sohee