Lee Hyori’s Hot New Summer Look "Sweet Pop Sea"

The sexy queen Lee Hyori has returned with a hot new summer look called “Sweet Pop Sea” for the CLIO, the makeup brand which she endorses. Hyori has vivid colored eyeliner on to give a effortlesssly glamorous look, as well as damp hair and copper-tone skin to resonate the joys of vacationing at summer resorts. Her fit and tanned body also does not disappoint the expectations of her fans. Rumor has it that Hyori’s “Sweet Pop Sea” promotions will not only attract male fans, but female fans alike.

CLIO’s assistant director Lim Keun Young stated, “We emphasized Lee Hyori’s distinctive glamorous body and gave her an urban and seductive look with the colored eye liner,” and added, “How about becoming a summer resort queen by using stylish colored eye liner like Hyori this summer?”

Oh, what girl wouldn’t kill to look like that?

Sources: Nate | CNews