City Hunter: Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young No Touch Contract

On City Hunter’s sixth episode a lot of interesting developments occurred. Lee Min Ho’s character told Nana that she wasn’t his type because of her breast size. Lee Min Ho’s character doesn’t date anyone under a C cup. Also, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s characters are now living together. But, because Park Min Young’s character needed some type of justification they made a “No-Touch Contract” that is translated below!

* Contract*

Article 1)

While Kim Nana and Lee Yoon Sung are living together the two parties promise (they use the word contract) that there will be no physical contact. If we break this rule (and make physical contact) the two parties agree to the following conditions.

1) When one holds hands he/she will pay 50,000 Won (Around $50)

2) When one grabs another’s shoulder he/she will pay 100,000 Won (Around $100)

3) When one puts his/her arm over another’s shoulder he/she will pay 200,000 Won (Around $200)

4) When one hugs another he/she will pay 300,000 Won (Around $300)

5) When one smooches another he/she will pay 500,000 Won (Around $500)

6) When one kisses another he/she will pay 1,000,000 Won (Around $1,000)

Article 2)

Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Nana will keep the following obligatory conditions.

1) We will both try our best to be considerate of each other’s personal life (probably related to love life)

2) The agreed upon conditions will be kept

3) We promise that we will keep devoted/faithful to the contract

4) Lee Yoon Sung will use the bath room first, and Nana will use it afterwards


We will have to see how long they maintain this contract! If you haven’t already check out the episode 6 recap here. Also, join the fan club for easier access to recaps and general information about City Hunter.