2PM Junho, “If I Have a Girlfriend, I Would Like to Take a Shower With Her”

On today morning’s episode of MBC’s “Good Day – Entertainment Plus,” the reporter caught up with 2PM as they were shooting their Coca-Cola CF. When asked how Nichkhun built up his toned body, he sheepishly replied, “I simply went to the gym and trained consistently” to which Taecyeon replied, “Nichkhun doesn’t gain weight no matter how much he eats. So he just eats a lot and works out that much more.”

The beastly idols were also asked what other endorsements they would like to have under their repertoire, and Nichkhun revealed that he wanted to do a Banana Milk CF. On the other hand, Taecyeon answered, “I just want to continue endorsing Coca-Cola for another 100 years,” casually giving pointed hints at the advertisers and causing laughter among those on set.

During the interview, Junho surprised both his fellow members and the audience when he made an explosive comment about what he would like to do with his future girlfriend. He stated, “If I have a girlfriend, I would like to take a shower with her.” The other members quickly responded, “Today’s not a good day for this,” and tried to cover his mouth as others cracked up.