The Everlasting Shinhwa: Kim Dong Wan to Star in Shin Hye Sung’s MV


If you’re a Kpop fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of Shinhwa. You may not be fans of them, but it’s quite difficult to roam around the Kpop kingdom without hearing about these six guys at least once or twice. Or thrice.

For those of you who don’t know, Shinhwa is the longest lasting group in Kpop history, and for the past thirteen years, they have demonstrated unending support and indestructible loyalty toward each other. Though three of the six members, Lee Min Woo, Jun Jin, and Andy Lee, are currently inactive due to their mandatory services to the country, the other three, Eric Mun, Kim Dong Wan, and Shin Hye Sung, are busy with their individual activities.

Eric will be back on the screen with Han Ye Seul on July 4th in KBS’s “Spy Myung Wol,” Kim Dong Wan is busy acting in the musical “Hedwig,” and Shin Hye Sung is returning to the Kpop scene on the 16th with his newest album “The Road Not Taken.”

And it looks like two of the members have once again come together to display their strong friendship. It was announced that Kim Dong Wan will be starring in Shin Hye Sung’s music video for his title song “Tik-Tok Tik-Tok.” Kim Dong Wan will be working with actress Han Ji Eun.


The teaser for the music video will be posted on Shin Hye Sung’s Offical Homepage on the 13th, and “The Road Not Taken” will be released on the 16th.

Source: Naver

Author’s note: If any of you are interested in Shinhwa, please feel free to read the epic compilation of Shinhwa vs. SHCJ anecdotes put together during Soompi’s Week-Long Special of Shinhwa’s 13th Anniversary Posts back in March.