“City Hunter” Releases Lee Min Ho & Goo Hara Study Date Teaser Stills

City Hunter” released another set of Lee Min Ho and Goo Hara teaser stills for the upcoming seventh episode. After many unsuccessful attempts, Choi Da Hye (Goo Hara) managed to “persuade” Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) to become her tutor. The scene in the stills was filmed two weeks ago at a set in Paju, Kyeonggido, and shows Da Hye’s sweet satisfaction in succeeding her mission, making Lee Yoon Sung her tutor.

In the photos, Da Hye is smiling brightly, thrilled to have Yoon Sung at her side. However, Yoon Sung looks irritated and bothered by the situation. Yoon Sung is a multi-talented MIT Ph. D. graduate, who works as a government agent at the Blue House National Communications Team, and the President’s daughter’s, Da Hye, crush. Instead of focusing on her studies, Da Hye is seen staring at Yoon Sung mindlessly. She adorably, “What does jogak minam in English?” Jogak minam refers to a man who’s good-looking enough to be made into a sculpture. In response, Yoon Sung calls her a child and looks away indifferently. Meanwhile, Kim Nana (Park Min Young) is seen standing in the background with a slightly bothered look as she watches over Da Hye and Yoon Sung.

“City Hunter” is based on the popular Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa and is the manga’s first drama adaptation. Protagonist Lee Yoon Sung works in the Blue House National Communications Team to spy on the President and his advisors. His ultimate goal is to hunt down the “group of five” who were responsible for his biological father’s (Park Sang Min) unjust death. “City Hunter” airs every Wednesday-Thursday night on SBS at 9:55PM KST.