New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 June Week 2

F(x) Vol. 1 Repackaged – Hot Summer (June 14)

01 Hot Summer
02 Pinocchio (Danger)
03 Sweet Witches
04 Is It OK?
05 Dangerous (Or: Sticky Dough)
06 Beautiful Goodbye
07 Gangsta Boy
08 Love
09 Stand Up!
10 My Style
11 So Into U
12 Lollipop (feat. SHINee)
13 La Cha Ta
14 Chu~♡

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F(x) who has reached the top spot on various music shows with their first album title track, “Pinocchio,” has returned with a repackaged album titled, “Hot Summer” this month. There are a total of fourteen tracks in this album including the title track, “Hot Summer,” ten songs previously released from the first album, “Is It Ok” from the “Paradise Ranch” soundtrack, as well as hit singles “Lachata” and “Chu.”


Shin Hye Sung Vol. 4 – The Road Not Taken (June 15)

01 Don’t Love Another Person
02 Tick Tock
03 Think About It
04 A Little Bit Closer (Duet: Young Jun of Brown Eyed Soul)
05 Special Love
06 Pick the Stars
07 Dream About Breakup
08 Without You
09 Before & After
10 Hello and Goodbye (feat. Eric, Nam Gyuri)

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Shin Hye Sung returns after two years and four months with his fourth full-length album, “The Road Not Taken,” exciting news for both the singer and his fans. The title track is “Tick Tock” a ballad number composed and penned by one of Korea’s top composers, An Young Min. Shinhwa fans will recognize An for creating “Brand New” and Angel.” This song is expected to showcase Shin Hye Sung’s emotional vocals. Also included in the album is “A Little Bit Closer,” featuring Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun and “Hello and Goodbye” featuring Nam Gyuri and Shinhwa’s Eric.


Kim Bum Soo Vol. 7 – Solista: Part 2 (June 16)

01 Wish This Rain Would Stop
02 End Love
03 Beg (With Taeyeon)
04 My Baby (feat. Wheesung)
05 Walking With Memories
06 Pass By (Piano Version)
07 End Love (INST)

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Korea’s top vocalist, Kim Bum Soo finally releases part two of his seventh album, “SOLISTA” eight months after the first release. Currently, the singer has been quite busy taking part in MBC’s “I Am a Singer” reality show where he has shown fans his versatility by singing R&B, soul, ballad, and even rock music. Thus fans are expecting bigger things from this already great artist. The title track this time around is “End Love” a Yoon Il Sang and Yoon Sa Ra production. This song is about one’s last love who cannot forget one’s first love. There are a total of seven tracks in this album.


The Greatest Love OST (June 16)

01 Real Love Song
02 Because He Is My Person
03 Pit-a-pat (Original Version)
04 Hold My Hand
05 Don’t Forget Me
06 Love You To the Point of Tears (Big Mama Soul)
07 I Can’t Drink
08 Love Love (Choi Su Jin)
09 Hero (INST)
10 Destiny (INST)
11 My Clover (INST)
12 Good Boy (INST)
13 Love Is (INST)

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The soundtrack for the hit drama series, “The Greatest Love” will finally be released this month. Top artists from the likes of K.Will, G.Na, Heo Gak, and IU took part in this incredible soundtrack. Also included in the album is the title track, “I Can’t Drink” sung by Baek Ji Young. This ballad was co-composed by rookie composer Won Tae Yeon and Jeon Hae Sung and is about loving someone so much to the point of not being able to drink.

Other Releases:
Soro – New Vintage (June 14)
Party Street – Swim Inside You (June 14)
Park So Yeon – Vol. 3 (June 14)
Song Hui Won – Vol. 1 The Scent (June 14)
Park Ah Sel – Vol. 1 (June 14)
Biuret – Goodbye (June 14)
Big Bang – Big Show: 2011 Concert Live (June 14)
Vanilla Lucy – Vanilla Party (June 14)
Bae Da Hae – Mini-Album Love Me (June 14)
Koxx – Vol. 1 (June 15)
Aquibird – Vol. 2 (June 15)
Dear Cloud – Vol. 3 Bright Lights (June 16)
Siwarainbow – Vol. 2 (June 16)
Led Apple – Mini-Album Vol. 1 (June 16)

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