Lee Byung Hun’s Sister Lee Eun Hee to Wed in November

According to an inside source Lee Eun Hee will get married with her lover of four years in November. According to this source, “Recently both parents have met each other and they have agreed to have a wedding in November,” “however the exact date or place has not been set as of yet.” They have to consider the fact that Lee Byung Hun needs to film G.I Joe’s second film.

Lee Eun Hee’s fiancée is not a celebrity who works for a company and Lee Eun Hee’s family is being very careful in case that the groom’s side of the family will be overwhelmed. The couple is supposed to “have innocently met and sharing a beautiful love a couple that makes the one looking at them feel good.

Already the couple has received blessings from Lee Byung Hun and also both parents.

Lee Byung Hun’s sister Lee Eun Hee has been a child actor and she was the Miss Korea “Jin” in 1996. Afterwards she has been working as a broadcaster.