Which Korean Star Do You Want to Travel With in Korea?

Korea Tourism Organization conducted a survey on the topic of “Korean Wave”. Total of 12,085 people in 102 countries participated in the survey. Among all participants, 53.3% of them are most interested in K-Pop, 32.5% are most interested in Korean drama, while 6.2% are interested in Korean film the most.

Regarding to the question of “Which Korean star do you want to travel with in Korea?” The result differs from country to country. Yet in total, first place goes to Super Junior (13.3%), second place goes to Big Bang (8.6%), third place is JYJ (6.7%), the fourth and the fifth are DBSK and SNSD respectively.

In Japan, first place goes to actor Bae Yong Joon, who is considered as the pioneer of the Korean wave in Japan. The fact he won the most votes shows Japanese are still more interested in Korean drama than K-Pop.

In English and Mandarin speaking countries, it is Super Junior won the most votes. In Spanish and French speaking countries, the first place goes to Big Bang. In German and Russian speaking countries, actress Kim Tae Hee and singer Rain won the most votes.

It is interesting to see the result differs in different countries, how about you? Where are you from and who do you want to travel with in Korea?!

Source: wowkorea.jp