miss A Suzy’s Pre-Debut Photos Uncovered!

Past photos of miss A’s Suzy have been surfacing various internet communities, and they’ve been garnering a lot of attention from fans. While Suzy’s famous for her long locks, she’s caused a sensational response from fans with her short hair in a recent poster spread for cosmetic brand ANIPLACE. Although her new do received favorable responses, many fans were relieved when she revealed that she wore a wig for the shoot.

Korean netizens, infamous for their abilities to dig up anyone’s past via the internet, recently uncovered Suzy’s pre-debut photos and were surprised to see Suzy with short hair. In the photos, she radiates her young fresh charms with a short do and milky complexion. Netizens commented, “She looks pretty with any hairstyle,” “Innocent Suzy,” and “She looks the same as she does now!”

On Sunday, Suzy tweeted photos of herself during practice, and fans could not help but notice her innocent beauty and a slimmer face.

Pre-debut photos

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