JYJ Completes “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert”

JYJ wrapped up the six-country “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert” on June 12th. For the finale of their second worldwide tour, JYJ held two consecutive live concerts on June 11th and 12th in Busan, to a jam-packed crowd of 17,000 fans from all over the world.

JYJ gave a variety of live performances during the concert as they sang solo tracks, “I Love You,” “Still in Love,” and “I Can Soar,” as well as their self-composed singles, “Boy’s Letter,” “You’re,” and “Get Out.” Yoochun in particular left a strong impression wish his explosive rap in “A Song without a Name Part 1,” which was the group’s first live performance of the song in Korea.

“We’re so happy to see all these fans come to our world tour concert. We would like to thank our Korean fans for their unchanging love. During last week’s concert in Japan, we told the fans, ‘Thank you for waiting us for a year,’ but Korean fans waited for us for over two years. These people right here in this arena don’t feel like fans, but true family members,” JYJ said at the end of the emotional concert.

The “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert” was organized to celebrate the release of JYJ’s first worldwide album, “The Beginning.” Group member Jaejoong took on the role of executive director for the concerts held in Asian countries during this tour, deeply engaging in the video and special effects of the show. Beginning from Bangkok, Thailand on April 2nd, this world tour made stops in Taipei, Beijing, Vancouver, New Jersey, New York, and San Jose before finishing up in Busan. 

JYJ has held a worldwide showcase in late 2010, covering 10 cities in eight countries, which brought in a total of 70,000 fans. Their first concert since forming JYJ took place in Japan in June, 2010, bringing in approximately 200,000 fans over four concerts.