Alex Has Surgery for His Spine

Clazziquai’s Alex has recently received treatment after suffering from a herniated disc. The injury was discovered three years ago and Alex has been exercising to deal with the condition since then. However, his state has worsened over the last three weeks leading him to undergo surgery.

On June 11th, Alex was admitted into the Seoul Kangnam Choice Hospital to receive endoscopic surgery to repair his 4th and 5th cervical disc herniation. Hospital representatives said, “Alex received special endoscopic surgery to push in his protruding disks. The surgery took ten minutes, but he stayed in the recovery room for an hour until his condition was stable enough to return home.”

Alex’s agency said that “There is no risk in interfering with Alex’s future activities now. He will receive outpatient treatment for 2-3 more weeks.” They continued, “During this time, he will also continue preparations and work on his album.”

Alex is currently working on promotions for his second album, “Just Like Me.”

Source: Asiae