Kevin Woo Shares Malaysian KISSMe’s Gifts on Twitter

This weekend, Ukiss was country hopping and member Kevin tweeted all the way! Malaysia and Japan were their desinations this time around and Indonesia will be next! June 13th was a KISSMe kind of day for the singer. He tweeted images of two clone-like replicas of his band that his international fans handmade.

Check out his caption and the KISSMe’s presents given to them at their Malaysia showcase below:

Kevin: “Malaysian fans made this for us!!! SO CUTE ^^ Thank you”.

Before you decide which set of Ukissers looks the most like the real singers, check out his weekend tweets to fans:

“Malaysia!!! Thank you so much for your support! I had so much fun with you guys at the showcase~ Im going to miss you but dont worry! We will be back soon~ maybe a concert?! hehe Ill be praying for that! ^^ Saya cinta pada mu Im also gonna miss satays, nasi goreng, and nasi lemak LOL Heading back to Japan now! ^^ So much fun traveling around the world and seeing our fans! Thank you for giving me so much joy in my life Well will be in Singapore soon la! I’m looking foward to be the MC of the biggest KPOP event in Singapore!…”

Now, back to the gifts! What do you think of the Ukiss dolls and his message?

Credit: @Kevinwoo91