Wonder Girls’ Fans Donate to Japan

The “best WG International fan forum”, WGSpectacle, is standing out from the Wonderfuls crowd for a good cause.On June 13th, the Wonder Girls Official Twitter account acknowledged their warm hearted fans contribution to the people of Japan. Check out the girls tweet below:

Wonder Girls’ Retweet: “WGspectacle just donated $400 dollars to Red Cross Japan for earthquake relief for @followWG. Thanks to the WDFs who made this possible!”

In March, Japan was hit by a strong and devastating earthquake as well as many horrific aftershocks that have affected the country. Kpop artists have bonded to together over the past few months to aid the thousands that are in dire need. It is amazing to see that even fans are doing what they can to help on behalf of their favorite celebrities.

What do you think of WGSpectacle’s honorable contribution?

Credits: @followWG and @WGSpectacle