Autopsy Results of the Deceased Motorcyclist in Daesung’s Accident Coming Out this Week

For the past few weeks, VIPs have been waiting for the day to come, finally, the autopsy results of the deceased motorcyclist in Daesung’s traffic accident will be released this week.

The Youngdeungpo police have confirmed today through Star News, “The autopsy results for the deceased motorcyclists, Hyun, will be released this week. The autopsy takes 15 days so we are expecting it to be released within this week. A briefing session will be held with Daesung once the results are out.”

They further stated, “Daesung was not called back for any additional investigation. We are now still investigating the situation of the accident. Once the autopsy results are out, we will take both the scene reports and CCTV analysis into account, and make the final judgement.”

Big Bang’s Daesung was involved in a car accident on May 31st, which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist, Hyun. The cause of Hyun’s death is the crucial point for judging Daesung’s punishment.

Source: Naver