The Girl Group Kara Is Returning Back to Japan!

On June 29th Kara announced their fourth single “Go Go Summer,” and they are going to get on a plane for Japan on the 16th. For about 15 days they are planning to appear on television shows and do other promotions.

A person that works for Kara stated on the 14th, “Kara will focus on Japanese activities with their new single,” “Kara will appear on popular Japanese music shows such as Asahi’s TV ‘Music Station’ and perform their new songs and also meet fans at Japan.

Kara’s Japanese activities are green lighted. Simultaneously with the pre-sales of their new single, “Go Go Summer” was number one on Tower Records Pre-Sales.

There are several interesting points, Kara was successful in Japan in the past, “Jet Coaster Love” was number one on the Orichon weekly charts for the first time. Also, this will be their first music activities after taking care of their dispute with their agency.

On June 11th for the Korean fans, Kara held a fan meeting titled, “What we want to tell you…”

Source: Star News