Kim Hyun Joong Reveals Personal Love Stories

Kim Hyun Joong revealed a stories about his first love and romance with a female celebrity. Appearing on today’s SBS radio “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the SS501 leader was asked if he was ever approached by a female celebrity in the past. Kim Hyun Joong responded, “Yes, but it wasn’t me getting approached—I asked the girl out. Things worked out well and we dated for about ten months.”

Although he declined to mention the name of his celeb ex-girl friend, he said he used to cook her Kimchi fried rice. He also talked about Hyori, who he often picked as his ideal woman type, saying, “I don’t want to go out drinking with Hyori. She’s a nuna (older female friend) that I respect and get a lot of help from, so I don’t think I’ll be at ease drinking with her.”

Kim Hyun Joong hasn’t been the type to shy away from talking about his real life romances as he talked about his first love too on Monday. On SBS “Night After Night,” the star singer/actor said, “I met this girl at a Soondae stew restaurant in 7th grade. I went with my friend to have Soondae stew, and found a girl that I really liked. So I went to that restaurant every day for two and a half years…But I actually got to see her only two or three times.” (Editor’s note: Soondae is a Korean sausage made of bean curd and gree-bean sprouts, stuffed in pig intestine; it sounds a bit strange, but you’ll love it when you try it.)

But he waited in front of the restaurant many nights to get to know her personally. And before heading to high school, he was finally able to start dating her, he said. However, as he became a singer and followed a busy schedule, the two couldn’t continue with their relationship. Let bygones be bygones, but can’t help but wonder who the lucky girls were!