BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Wants to Kiss You for ‘Kiss Day’!

BEAST‘s Yang Yoseob recently revealed an adorable sel-ca of himself in a kissing pose as he prepares for the upcoming ‘Kiss Day’.

He revealed the photo on the 14th on his twitter stating: “It’s kiss day? An adorable photo. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss. But where am I? Have a guess!” 

Yoseob can be seen with flawless skin (like a female indeed), proving how healthy and how much care he put into maintaining the clean-cut image. He can also be seen re-enacting a scene from their new album’s title song “Fiction” when he sings his solo part. These features have literally melted the hearts of netizens and fangirls worldwide. 

Some fans replied with: “Yang Yoseob has just confirmed his status as a cutie!” “Your kiss photos are so cute!” and finally, “KISS ME!!”

Yoseob and his BEAST members will start Japanese promotions with “Bad Girl” starting on the 15th. 

source: nate + yoseob’s twitter