Heechul’s Selca With Siwon: "I Wanna Marry a Foreign Girl"

It seems that SM TOMN celebrated in Paris on June 10th and 11th, left really good memories not just in the fan’s minds but on the artist’s minds as well. Especially on Super Junior’s Heechul.

On June 11th, Heechul uploaded a selca with Siwon while they were having their SM TOWN concert in Paris.
He wrote:
“I’m not sure if this picture was in France or not, but this is a selca with Siwon. Just like any other places, France is amazing! As an arts country, it has girls who look like art as well, they are beautiful!. I’m seriously thinking on getting married with a foreign girl”.

After this shocking statement, his fans started commenting things such as: “There isn’t necessary any accessory, you are handsome by your own”, “Both of you, Siwon and Heechul are an extremely handsome combination” and there were other comments regarding his marriage statement like: “Heechul, and what about your Korean fans?” “What about us?”
It seems that Heechul’s statement regarding foreign girls made his Korean fans go crazy!, meanwhile, foreign fans happily celebrate for such an amazing statement.


Source: Heechul’s twitter

Translated by: Kibecy@kibecy.wordpress