Newcomers B1A4 and Block B to be Featured in New Reality Program

Not long ago we reported about rookie group Block B having their own reality show which would be airing in Korea. However, that particular article was actually pertaining to BS11 Hanlove”, a Japanese show focused on the members of Block B. 

Now there are reports of Block B starring in a reality show with fellow rookie boy group B1A4. Both groups barely have two months under their belts of being on the music scene since their debuts back in April. Even though they are young, B1A4 and Block B have gained much attention, exposure, and of course fans with their debut tracks, B1A4 with “O.K.” and Block B with “Freeze!”. The fact that they have been offered a reality show this early on shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The new MTV show, entitled “Match Up”, is slated to premiere on June 22nd at 11 PM. “Match Up” is described as a reality program as it highlights the different styles of the two rookie idol groups. Definitely the two are extreme opposites in style, music, and presentation. The show’s intent is to show off their musicality, color, and distinctive characteristics.

The article appropriately introduces and describes each group:

“Attracting attention for being produced by hip-hop singer Cho PD, Block B is known to be a talented idol group with skills in writing, composing, and producing, with honest charms. On the other hand, B1A4 has been headlining as a group with not only a flower-boy visual appearance, but also superb vocal, composing, and writing skills. The combination of the two team’s different talents and charms will be revealed.”

Approximately eight broadcast episodes are set to air. During this time, viewers can expect to see both idol groups as they prepare for their latest music videos as the audience is taken on to the set, music program appearances, rehearsals, and performances. The intent is to show that both are not your average idol groups as in they do not rely on their visuals, but their music talents to succeed. Not only will the variety of musical skills be displayed, but also the charms and variety sense of the twelve boys uncovered through various missions in and outside of music as well as they go about their daily lives.

Here is an official statement from the staff over at Brand New Stardom for Block B regarding the program:

This is Block B’s representative.

The reality program that everyone has been longing for,
“Match Up!” will have its first broadcast on June 22nd at 11 PM KST.
Following the first broadcast you will be able to tune in every Wednesday night at 11 PM KST.

You will be able to see Block B’s true and uncovered side so please tune in live every week.
Let’s meet every week at 11 PM KST!

Thank you.”

Are you interested in seeing these two groups on camera? Do you think it is too soon for the boys to have their own show?

Source: International Block @Tumblr 1 and 2