Daesung Accident: Motorcyclist was Drunk, No Hit and Run Involved

It was reported today that the motorcyclist involved in Daesung’s car accident from two weeks ago was drunk driving at the moment and it’s highly possible that his crash had occurred as a result of negligent driving. Also it was revealed that there was no hit-and-run accident involved prior to Daesung’s contact with the victim.

According to local media E-Daily, police officials reviewing the accident said, “We’ve already completed on-site investigations and CCTV reviews. The results have confirmed us there was no hit-and-run accident prior to Daesung’s collision.”

The official added, “We’re still waiting for final autopsy results but the National Forensic Service said alcohol was discovered from the motorcyclist’s blood test results. Based on witness testimonies and on-site investigations, it’s highly likely that the motorcyclist hurt himself due to negligent driving.”

The police are currently looking into the motorcyclist’s exact time of death. Experts say further investigation will reveal the exact timeline and whether the motorcyclist died as a result of his first crash or if it was caused by Daesung’s accident that followed shortly after. However, the autopsy results that were supposed to come out today will be delayed, possibly until next week, the police said.

Daesung was involved in a car accident on May 31st around 1:30AM. He hit a motorcyclist that was lying on the street from an earlier accident and later crashed into a taxi in front of him. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead shortly after the accident. Daesung apologized to the victim’s family and agreed to cover all funeral costs, but it’s still unclear what the exact cause of death is.