KARA’s “KARApara” Dance Boom is Coming!

Combing Parapara dance that was popular back in the 80s and 90s, and KARA’s own cute and sexy charm together, a brand new “KARApara” dance is created. Its comical hand gesture matches perfectly with their new single “Go Go Summer.” 

Parapara dance is a synchronized group dance originated in Japan back in the 80s, using mostly arm movements and leg motions like stepping along with the beats. Yet the trend has cooled down for quiet a while. Will KARA be able to bring up the trend again with their evolutionary KARApara dance this time?! With the pre-sales of their new single topping number one on Tower Records pre-sales charts, the boom of KARApara is for certain!

KARA released their Japanese debut single “Mister” last August, the cute hip dance drew much attention and became their signature. Following the hip dance, their dance moves in “Jumping” and “Jet Coaster Love” both were hot issues in Japan.

The girls of KARA said, “It’s a simple and fun dance, matches really well with the melody. We hope everyone can memorize the dance easily, and please show much love and support to KARApara dance!”

Come check out the video!

Source: wowkorea.jp