2PM Previews Junsu’s and Junho’s Songs in New Album

2PM raises Hottests’ temperature!

In addition to video teaser up on June 15th in anticipation of the “Hands Up” album release, 2PM also spoke to Cyworld music fans with a short message.

In the video, 2PM reveals that members Junsu and Junho have written songs included in the album. Junsu’s song is called “HOT,” Junho’s is titled “Give It To Me.” The two newly minted songwriters sang a few lines as a preview.

Title track “Hands Up” has an uptempo beat that suggests an exciting party atmosphere. As with previous 2PM releases, the group will be performing the song with a dance routine.

“Hands Up” will be available digitally on the 20th and will drop on the market on June 21st.

YT credit KimBoPeepOppaS5