Eric Unveils New Song, Gives Out 1,000 Burgers at the Set of “Spy Myung Wol”

Eric unveiled his new song “Hands Up” for the first time on Monday at the filming set of upcoming KBS drama “Spy Myung Wol.” Playing the role of K-Pop star Kang Woo, Eric gave a live performance of “Hands Up” for a scene in the new drama. The song is written by Eric himself and involves a powerful beat that works in harmony with his strong rap.

“For the Kang Woo character, I wrote and composed the whole song. To fit the K-Pop star image, I also came up with flashy choreography and colorful performances,” Eric said of “Hands Up.” The song will be shown during the scene of Kang Woo’s Asian Tour in the drama.

For the filming, more than 800 fans from Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia voluntarily showed up to fill the seats. They held posters made by the production crew and helped create a live concert atmosphere. The fans stayed till almost 2AM for the filming, and as a way to show his appreciation, Eric gave out 1,000 burgers for free. He said, “I was so happy because of the fans that came and stayed till late.”

KBS’s new drama “Spy Myung Wol,” starring Eric as a mega K-Pop star and Han Ye Seul as a North Korean spy, is a romantic comedy scheduled to air first on July 11th.