MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as an Underwear Model

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was chosen as an underwear model for the underwear company M Corset’s “Kiss Republic.”

In a recent photo shoot that was revealed, Lee Joon showed off his muscles. In the various cuts of the photo shoot Lee Joon shows off his chic charm that gave him the nickname “Chic Dol.”

With the underwear photo shoot, the making of clip was also released and is gaining a lot of attention. In the making of clips one can see Lee Joon’s professionalism as he looks through each and every single picture.

Jang Sung Min who is the executive of marketing for M Corset stated, “Kiss Republic’s target age group is twenty something year old women and the brand image fits well with Lee Jun because our brand image is unique,” “Also, the reason why we chose Lee Jun is because of the idea that a strong man would offer female underwear.

Source: Money Today