Block B Releases Track List for First Mini Album

Recently we updated you with an article revealing a teaser of the album cover and a teaser track released by Cho PD featuring Zico, Park Kyung, and Hanhae.

Block B Clubbers have been anxiously awaiting the release of any sort of details surrounding Block B’s official mini album. Originally thought to have only consisted of the three previous tracks from the group’s debut digital single “Wanna B”, “Freeze!”, and “Is It Only Me?” plus a new song or two. There is now information coming out revealing more details about the first mini album for the popular rookie group. Be prepared to be excited, here we go!

As it is known the title of the album will be “New Kids on the Block” and the price of the album is to be 8,500 won, or approximately $7.85, which is a steal for a new mini album for a group of their caliber!

The title track for the album will be, “Tell Your Friends” which was written by Block B’s leader and rapper Zico. He too composed the majority of the melody himself. It should be no surprise since the group has always been encouraged to participate in and create their own music for their releases, you can be sure to see more from the other members as well in the future. It definitely is a track to look forward to. The track is said to be a “fun, upbeat track that is a fit for the summer season.”

As if Block B wasn’t already different enough from the average rookie group, within a month of debut they received their first CF offer gaining them the praise of being ‘the rookie of the rookies’. It further proves that when it comes to music and skill these talented boys don’t play around! 

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the track list!

1. Halo

2. Tell Your Friends

3. U Hoo Hoo

4. Wanna B

5. Freeze!

6. Is It Only Me?

7. Tell Your Friends (Inst.)

8. Freeze! (Inst.)

As it can be seen from the track list it includes a total of eight tracks. The three debut singles are included as well as three other new songs along with two instrumentals. Making a decent sized mini album for fans and new comers alike.

What do you think of the track list? Will you be purchasing it? Are you excited for Block B’s comeback?


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