Kim Dong Wan Talks About "Shinhwa Company"

Last month, SOOMPI reported to you that the legend will continue, that Shinhwa Company would be co-founded by Shinhwa’s members Eric Mun and Lee Min Woo. As excited as fans were, the rumors weren’t completely grounded because details were still being worked out by different companies and labels.

On the most recent episode of “Radio Star,” Kim Dong Wan stated that Eric Mun and Lee Min Woo would indeed found Shinhwa Company. He stated, “I think Shinhwa Company will be created in about two months.”

And maybe I’m just overanalyzing this, but just bear with me for a minute.

This episode was recorded on May 11th, a month ago. Does this mean that Kim Dong Wan knew the episode would be aired a month later and spoke in terms of the future, meaning the company will be founded in August? Or does this mean that a month has already passed, and the company will become real in the next month?


I’m sure Shinhwa Changjos will be waiting as usual, though. Kudos to both the idol and the fanclub for the longevity.

And here’s a small treat for Shinhwa fans. Most of you may know, but Kim Dong Wan keeps a pretty up-to-date blog under the username “oreobox.” He recently made a post of a screenshot of a text conversation he had with a few of his fellow Shinhwa members, and it’s dorky and ridiculous and hilarious as expected. Due to the lack of the majority of the context, my guess is that they were talking about seeing a movie.

Here’s the translation:
MinWoo (M): “Be patient, Andy. You know Uncle Dong Wan is flap-flap” (*Author’s note: ‘Flap-Flap’ is a nickname Eric gave Dong Wan because of his distractedness and lack of focus.)
Andy: “No, if (you) didn’t see it, go watch it with me at the end of the month.”
Min Woo (M): “Hyung likes it~”
Andy: “Okay. I’ll text you. Then let’s go without telling Dong Wan Hyung. Secretly kk”
Dong Wan: “You moron, this is a group text”

Oh, Shinhwa… I almost died. By the way, the top of the phone indicates that it’s a group text with six people. I believe it’s safe to assume it’s the six members of Shinhwa.

Source: Newsen via Nate | Dong Wan’s Blog

(그리고 혹시라도 김동완님께서 이 기사를 보신다면 화내지 마세요 ㅠㅠ 전 신창이랍니다. 기자로서 말도없이 퍼가는거 아니에요. 흑)