G-Dragon is Planning His Second Solo Album For 2012

When G-Dragon released his first solo album, “Heartbreaker,” VIP’s everywhere were delighted and I personally was completely blown away by his amazing song “Heartbreaker.” He then joined TOP for the album GD&TOP (another amazing album,) but was that first album the only time we would see G-Dragon completely solo?

The answer, thankfully, is no! It turns out that G-Dragon is planning for another album, with a 2012 release!

Q: 2 years ago, with your solo album “Heartbreaker” as your representative, you said that : “You’re not a idol, but a symbol.” Now looking at Big Bang, it looks like you’re trying to break the “Idol Image”.

G-Dragon: The views people had for us within this 2 years and 3 months (Big Bang’s hiatus period) had changed. During this period, I think that “Idols” is now a term used for younger idols. We’re all getting older, it is kind of embarrassing still being called “Idols”, maybe it’s time to be called “Musicians” instead.

Q. Your first album “Heartbreaker” created alot of controversies, what do you have to say about that?

G-Dragon: One day, when I was driving, I played it all again one more time, I felt guilty. (laughs) I was really confident at that point, albums to me are like my diary, when I’m 60/70 years old, I can always look back and hear it, read the lyrics and think back about who did I love, what was I thinking about at that point. After that, I find that my diary used as an idea for my solo album, is too impulsive (laughs). If I wasn’t that impulsive at that point, I could have done better. I’m now currently preparing for my next solo album, if the production is fast, it’ll be released by next year.

So there you have it: G-Dragon is planning a second album and from what he says, he plans to completely eclipse Heartbreaker. If you compare that album to the GD&TOP album, I can see it being done. I don’t know about Big Bang being called musicians, (I always use that term for those who play instruments, but I am probably wrong), and it’s adorable that he says they’re getting older, when they’re still so young. I am older than some of the members!

Expect a less impulsive, well planned-out second solo album from G-Dragon in 2012! Is anyone else as excited as me? (Hopefully when he gets back on his feet we will see the Daesung solo album I know you all want as much as me!)

Source : 志龙Oppa_撒啦嘿 微博 & 《歌迷大世界》2011 No.10 magazine via iBigBang.wordpress.com
Translated by : angelababygee@ygnatic

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