[Recap] City Hunter Episode 7

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

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[Recap] City Hunter Episode 7

Ahh!!! this episode was very exciting and had me smilling through and through. The episode had drama/romance/action, can never go wrong with a combination like that. But like I said before, this episode was jam-packed with scenes, @_@ really I am amazed at how much story they put in each and every episode.

We’re back at the hotel when Nana sees Yoon Sung and Sehee together, her expression is priceless.

Of course YJ is speechless as well and even angry, he asks Sehee what she’s doing here. Sehee then shows him Yoon Sung’s wet clothes. Sehee then tells Yoon Sung, “Yoon Sung I am both sorry and thankful for today., just wait a little bit”

Back in his hotel room Yoon Sung is aggravated by the situation and he tries to call Nana, but she doesn’t pick up…

At the hotel lobby as they both walk out, YJ is furious with Sehee. It’s kind of funny in a way he doesn’t want Sehee or Nana to be close with Yoon Sung. (He’s being selfish in my opinion 😉

YJ exclaims,”You drank with Lee Yoon Sung, didn’t you know I was waiting?” Sehee replies, “You treat me like I’m the main character of Invisible Man.” Then he recieves a call from his office, and Sehee tells him to go and not worry about her. (Again we see why Sehee and YJ probably broke up.)

Back at the prosecutor’s office, YJ’s team has found out JP’s picture and registration, but his name is Steve Lee!

At JP’s headquarters he’s starting to scold Yoon Sung, JP has got all the information about Yoon Sung through his sources and the bald guy as well. 

But alas! YJ appears to question JP. YJ seems very suspicious while JP is actually a bit impressed that a prosecutor was able to piece things together and find him. While JP leaves to get more orange juice, the prosecutor asks his assitant to get a print off of the glass.

Of course, crafty JP was wearing things to hide his finger prints! Pure Genius!

Nana on the other hand is back at Yoon Sung’s mother’s restaurant eating away her sorrows and infuriated with Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung’s mother approaches her and comments on Nana’s composure, but tells her not to worry because she is nice and everything will work out for her. She then gives Nana more side dishes to eat. I wonder if the kimchi that Yoon Sung likes, is his mother’s as well (T_T so tragic).

Back at Nana’s apartment, Yoon Sung is trying to explain that nothing is going on between him and Sehee. But, Nana would rather not hear anything at all. (These two have shields put up when it comes to their contest of pride.)

In the process of trying to talk to Nana, Yoon Sung ends up touching her wrist, then her shoulder. Nana exclaims that Yoon Sung has to pay up, according to their contract. Yoon Sung is pissed off, “All you care about is money?” and he grabs her wrist again, then both sides of her shoulder.

After their little love banter, when Nana is back in her room, Yoon Sung explains that Sehee was trying to dry his clothes off because she had made them wet with alcohol. Nana scolds herself because Yoon Sung can’t see.

Then UH OH! She’s touching her shoulders, where Yoon Sung had touched her. Phew, she’s obviously feeling more than just sorry!

After some time passes by and Yoon Sung is back at his room trying to figure out more info about Target Number Two when Nana suddenly opens the door after knocking. Yoon Sung is surprised and Nana exclaims “You were watching pornography huh?” Yoon Sung then demands that she should wait after she knocks to open him the door to his room! (Weird, I didn’t even know he had a room) Nana asks Yoon Sung to eat, but he refuses at first.

But we of course know better, Yoon Sung is a sucker for food. He decides to eat with her and notices the different side dishes. Nana explains that it’s from Yoon Sung’s mother (Of course Nana doesn’t know that the mother knows nothing about Yoon Sung.) Then Yoon Sung exclaims that he wants to go out for some fresh air.

They both go to Yoon Sung’s mother’s restaurant and she seems a bit ill.

JP watches as Yoon Sung piggy backs his mother with Nana. I wonder what JP thinks or knows about Nana?

Yoon Sung and Nana take the mother home, and she seems very ill. Before they leave the mother talks about how Yoon Sung’s mother would be proud and Yoon Sung answers how he doesn’t have one. Before they leave, the mother gives Nana some “Korean Red Bull!” As they walk out, Yoon Sung asks Nana to go home first as he wants to be alone.

Beautiful scene and all you City Hunter fans know that this is one of those “moment” scenes. The scenary is beautiful as Yoon Sung is thinking to himself.

Then Bloop! Nana comes along and he tells her to leave but she refuses. She exclaims about Yoon Sung, “Even a playboy misses his mom.” Then Nana starts to sing a song that her mom taught her in order to cheer Yoon Sung up and he ends up smiling.

Jp actually visits Yoon Sung’s mother, but he doesn’t tell her much. She demands to know where her son is and when she asks his name JP replies, “John Lee.”

Yoon Sung’s mother has been living through hell not knowing anything about her son. It is heart-wrenching, the fact that JP lied to her saying that her son doesn’t even know of her existence.

The following day we are shown the communications department of the Blue House. Ki Joon has returned and his supervisor talks to him. He gives Ki Joon words of encouragement and also tells him that the team had wrote a petition for the release of his brother. (That was pretty cool!) Although, Ki Joon is a character set for comic relief, I like the fact that he gets some resolution. His homecoming is cut short however as the president arrives, and he wants to speak to Yoon Sung,

The president basically asks Yoon Sung to tutor his daughter, and we all know that Yoon Sung said yes! (Hopefully you guys were reading soompi! 😉

Back at the Blue House, Da Hae is getting ready to study. Then she gets a phone call from her father the president and she is ecstatic at the news of being tutored by Yoon Sung. She is stopped by Nana, and Dahae notices that Nana smells like expensive shower gell. Then she runs to the Blue House communications department.

Yoon Sung is alone and doesn’t know that Da Hae is coming to her like a crazy fan! She’s there and all excited asking that they should start right away! Yoon Sung warns her not to like him, that she’s not her type. When asked what kind of girl is her type, Yoon Sung describes Nana. Da Hae also ends up smelling Yoon Sung and realizes that the two are using the same shower gel, like they live together or something. (HUHU!)

Nana however misunderstands this thinking that he’s talking about Sehee. Ack! True literary irony!!!

Then when Nana is back with her partner and Da Hae, she is asked to get some coffee for Yoon Sung. The reason is that Nana used the expensive shower gel >.>.

Then, Yoon Sung notices that something is on Nana’s suit, Nana pushes his hand away telling him to just do that stuff to Sehee. Yoon Sung begins to tease her saying that she’s acting all jealous. Nana walks away frustrated. (So cute >_

Back at Yoon Sung’s home, he begins to tell the bald guy about his master plan to take down Target Number Two. Or atleast a phase to take down Target Number Two.

The president is talking with Target Number Two and he brings up the issue of the faulty military boots.

The president wants to know what made Target Number Two change, or if he was always corrupt like that. The president remembers Target Number Two as being somebody very concerned about South Korea’s future. Target Number Two is furious and tells the president that “For every setting sun, there is a rising one.”

Then we are back at the candidate event and Target Number Two is giving his speech.

While his father was speaking, Target Number Two’s sun was falling asleep. He was woke up by his mother and then he saw Nana. He was obviously interested in her as he winked, Nana turned away.

After the event, the son is driving by when he sees Nana alone at a bus stop. He offers a ride but she refuses. He is adamant and a bit creepy as he gets out of the car and tries to drag her in, promising her a “good time.”

The bald guy was watching all of this and he gives Yoon Sung a call. He comes to her rescue, pissing off Target Number Two’s youngest son.

When he goes to rescue Nana he says that he needs to somehow brand her so that everyone knows she’s his girl. Haha! Target Number Two’s son is not impressed, promising that he’ll get him back somehow.

They drive back and Yoon Sung asks why Nana doesn’t just use her judo like she does for him all the time. Nana exclaims that she’s already in trouble for being over-zealous, before they can argue more they are asked to go to Ki Joon’s thank you party!

They arrive and Ki Joon, his crippled brother, Da Hae, and Nana’s partner are all there. (The restaurant they are eating at is called New Town Restaurant, they have excellent Kimchi Stew and Pork BBQ.)

Ki Joon’s brother begins to thank them all and he talks about his trials and tribulations. Yoon Sung is listening intently despite Da Hae’s efforts to seduce him!

Outside, Da Hae briefly acts drunk, then as Yoon Sung is still rejecting her, she asks that they go study! (Damn wish Goo Hara was doing that to me, she is also a very persistent little girl!)

The next day we see the plan that Yoon Sung and the bald guy were talking about. They are being con-men in order to extract the fact that two of Target Number’s Two sons evaded their military service. The two sons admit that they evaded the military service, and offer to give up a current medical test.

Next we see Yoon Sung tutoring Nana. She isn’t paying attention to studying and only pays attention to Yoon Sung. He realizes this and exclaims that she’ll burn holes into his head with her stare!

Yoon Sung decides that their session is done, to Nana’s delight. Da Hae on the other hand cutely expresses her burning heart! She needs a change of scenary, to the club we go! We also find out that Target Number Two’s youngest son is also there.

Nana, Nana’s partner, and Da Hae are at the club dancing again. Nana stops a good looking guy from appoaching Da Hae.

Ahh! But she doesn’t notice that Target Number Two’s youngest son is approaching her! She is surprised and busts out a judo move!

Yoon Sung is also there and he begins to instigate a fight between the two, they both go outside. With Nana, Nana’s partner, and Dahae tagging along.

They are shocked because Yoon Sung is getting his ass handed to him! (Of course we know this is just a ploy!)

The bald guy is recording everything, but the CEO’s assassin/bodyguard is also watching. He says on the phone “I don’t think the guy from the hospital is the City Hunter, but I will continue following him.” (For some reason I really like this scene, the fact that the assassin popped out of nowhere and called his boss while observing was like a comic-book scene.)

The girls are helpless while Yoon Sung is getting beat up but Da Hae tries to stop Target Number Two’s youngest sone and she gets pushed away. Nana and her partner get into action!

Back at Nana’s apartment she is both upset and concerned for Yoon Sung. (After all she is his self-defense instructor.) Yoon Sung is putting on a normal bandaid and she exclaims, “You fussed over me that I wasn’t using a special bandaid, look at you now!”

She gets the speical bandaid that was from YJ and start to apply it to Yoon Sung’s face.

Yoon Sung just repeats that he doesn’t like using a bandaid that somebody else used. He’s appreciating it though! (Also, now Yoon Sung and the bald guy’s plan is complete!)

The next morning, one of Target Number Two’s sons thinks that he got a job from Yoon Sung in the U.S. To their dismay the military police arrive stating that all the sons are fit for the military and should be taken away.

JP and son are watching TV, the sons going into the military actually improved Target Number Two’s chances of becoming the next president.

JP is upset but Yoon Sung is happy because he had succeeded in his plan. He also wants to take down Target Number Two when he is at his peak. (Because the fall is even greater? Very true.) Yoon Sung reassures his father, that he has a plan all set up…

YJ is also on the move as he has gathered enough information about Target Number Two to make a move as well!

Before their mission, the bald guy is concerned that it might not work out. Yoon Sung is smiling and reassuring him. I thought it was cute when he tried to close up the bald guy’s suit jacket, but the bald guy laughed and said he was too fat. Yoon Sung showed a genuine smile :).

YJ is first at a government office probably getting dirt about Target Number Two, then he hears that he’s been abducted! He rushes to the scene with a team.

Yoon Sung is heading for Target Number Two, and he is about to takedown all the bodyguards, Jason Bourne Style!

He takes care of them one by one. One guy had a gun, but of course or hero the City Hunter takes it away and empties it.

Then the two are fist-fighting, Yoon Sung uses his signature rapid fist punch to take him out.

Right when we think that the way is clear, he runs into a woman who can fight! Yoon Sung can’t hit her, because of course he doesn’t hurt women!

He doesn’t know what to do at first, but he uses the necktie from one of the bodyguards to tie her up! (Love how they used a normal prop for some cool martial arts moves!)

Yoon Sung uses a taser against the door knob, and Target Number Two touches it and falls unconcious!

Nana is frantically looking for Target Number Two or the person who abducted him, and runs into YJ. The elevator stops but she is able to sneak out through the opening.

I don’t know if JP was helping Yoon Sung out or not, but he was the one responsible for shutting down the elevators in the building.

Nana eventually catches up to Yoon Sung and tells her not to move!

Yoon Sung is shocked and doesn’t know what to do! (I wonder if he even recognizes her voice!)

Then BOOM! Nana actually shoots Yoon Sung. He is surprised as well and then we have our dreaded cliffhanger >_<

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