After School’s Bekah Withdraws To Return To Hawaii

It has been recently reported that Bekah of After School has decided to withdraw from the group.

From their debut, After School was noted for their unique system of “enrolling” and “graduating” members from the group. They have had many new enrollments over the years, but Bekah is the first to graduate.

Representatives of Pledis Entertainment stated, “Bekah made the request, so after long discussions with the company, family members, and group members, she has decided to return to Hawaii to study designing as was her original dream. We are planning to take graduation photos with all the members of After School, and those will be released at a later date. Until her graduation, Bekah plans to spend time with her members and fans .”

Bekah revealed through her company, “As I reminisce upon the great memories and experiences, I am preparing my graduation project. Later on when my designing skills are better, I would like to gift After School an album jacket design,” and voiced her desire to keep in touch with her members. Bekah’s graduation project was announced to be a song she wrote on her own.

We are sad to see you go, Bekah, but best of luck in all that you do!

Source: Osen