Wonder Girls' Woo Hye Lim "Boggles" Fans

Wonder Girls’ member Woo Hye Lim was bored on June 16th, so she decided to do something most fans would never expect. Celebrities tweet their fans quite often. They update us about their daily activities like their jobs, special events, and their days off. We all know K-Pop artists rarely get enough free time to include us in their day. However, Hye Lim decided to share her momentary boredom and desire to play with fans.

View her twitter invitation below:

 “Me bored me bored!!”

“Who wants to play Boggle??!! AHHAHA!!! ><“

When was the last time your favorite celebrity asked you to play a game with them? The most obvious answer would be the year before….never. So, do you want to take advantage of this opportunity? It might be physically impossible, but you can tweet her back!  

What do you think of her sweet attempt to interact with fans?

Credit: @WG_Lim

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