[Recap] City Hunter Episode 8

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap

Lee Yoon Sung (Played by Lee Min Ho): Yoon Sung

Kim Na Na (Played by Park Min Young): Nana

Lee Jin Pyo (Played by Kim Sang Joong): JP

Bae Shik Joong (Played by Kim Sang Ho): Bald dude

Choi Eung Chan (Played by Cheon Ho Jin): President CEC

Choi Da Hae (Played by Goo Hara): Dahae

Lee Kyung Wan (Played by Lee Hyo Jung: Target 1

Kim Young Joo (Played by Lee Jun Huk): YJ

Jin SeHee (Played by Hwang Sun hee): YJ’s ex/Sehee

Here is the Link for City Hunter Recap Episode 7

Phew! Now we get to see what happens after that cliffhanger ending. The last episode was a good mixture of drama, romance and action. Episode 8 was more comic, romance, and action? Haha put in simpler terms this episode made me laugh out loud a lot more than the last one. Also, I know we kind of decided not to compare this to the original manga, but I couldn’t help but think that Episode 7 and Episode 8 felt like I was watching/reading a “comic” for some reason. This will be discussed in more detail through the “analysis” section.

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 8

In the last episode Yoon Sung was shot by Nana, he decides to do what any rational man would at gun point and jumps despite his wound! He crashes into a car but gets away into his own.

Yoon Sung while driving to safety calls the bald guy, who is hiding in garbage and can’t pick up the phone! Last episode the bald guy got made and he fled!

Target Number Two wakes up and when his secretary suggests that he needs to go to the hospital, he refuses stating that this it the perfect opportunity for him. He goes back out to do his speech and the crowd is ecstatic. (Target Number Two wins his party’s candidacy and is now a presidential candidate.)

Outside the ex-police officer is giving an update about Yoon Sung, YJ looks gravely concerned.

YJ and his associate is observing the scene where Yoon Sung jumped. They are going to take DNA samples, check security cameras and also YJ correctly guesses that this isn’t JP’s doing. Witnesses didn’t notice a limp.

Yoon Sung meanwhile crashed open the window to Sehee’s animal hospital and inside he pulled out the bullet!

Sehee also returns to her vet and notices that someone else is inside. She is surprised to see Yoon Sung who tells her, “You owe me, are you willing to keep that promise today?’

Sehee helps clean out Yoon Sung’s wound and treats him without asking any questions. Yoon Sung is surprised at this.

Yoon Sung gets a call from JP who is concerned, demanding that he hurries up and gets back to him.

At night, Yoon Sung is sleeping and he has a weird “Freudian Dream” I’d like to say.

Yoon Sung and Nana are at gunpoint, Nana shoots her. JP suddenly appears in the dream demanding that he shoot her as well. In the dream, the two fire at each other :(.

The scene is sad with both of them bloody and reaching out to each other, Nana is crying. (Hopefully this premonition doesn’t come to pass.)

Nana wakes up the next morning and she is furious at Yoon Sung for not coming home. (She thinks he’s probably sleeping with another girl or Sehee.)

Sehee has also woken up and she can’t find Yoon Sung, he steps back from a door to reveal himself. Sehee asks, “What kind of man are you?” Yoon Sung replies, “A dangerous man.”

Sehee treats Yoon Sung’s wound again, and she remarks about his other scars. (Probably from JP? Or the land mine?) He quickly puts on his clothes, and later Sehee half jokingly tells him that she is charging him 50$. Of course, he doesn’t have to pay her back in cash, he can buy dinner or drinks. Yoon Sung promises to treat her someday.

Outside Sehee is warning Yoon Sung to take care of the wound and Nana sees them! (Coincidental meter going up, but I think we know by now that the hospital is on the way to the Blue House.)

Yoon Sung sees Nana running away and he tries to grab her. She busts out her Judo move and Yoon Sung’s shoulder hits the ground. (Ouch.)

Nana is angry at Yoon Sung, but being the angel that she is, she had brought new clothes for him, so that people wouldn’t find out he stayed out all night. Yoon Sung commented that the clothes didn’t match at all.

Back at the Blue House, the bodyguard and communications were teaming up and practicing shooting. Nana was a very skilled markswoman and Yoon Sung can’t shoot because he’s reminded of getting shot by her.

After they are dong practicing Yoon Sung asks Nana if she enjoys being a bodyguard, also that it is dangerous for her. Nana replies, “For somebody who is so worried about my safety, why didn’t you even call?” (Sigh, women…)

Back at YJ’s office his team has found out significant information! It looks like the all the police cameras were shut off by hacking, the ip address was traced back to the Blue House! The communications team will now give up some of their computers so that they can be scanned.

YJ notices that Yoon Sung is wearing his clothes. Yoon Sung though is busy erasing all traces of his hacking.

In the bathroom Yoon Sung fixes up his wound and outside Ki Joon is washing his hand. Ki Joon is wondering who the hacker is, and Yoon Sung suggests that perhaps Ki Joon is the hacker. Ki Joon leaves furiously and YJ enters the bathroom. YJ comments, “Those clothes….” Yoon Sung reples, “Yeap they are yours, I got them from Sehee.” YJ is furious and begins to accuse Yoon Sung of playing around with Sehee, also that he isn’t worth her.

Yoon Sung is also angry (probably because of Nana), he tells YJ to take care of his emotions because he and Sehee are now divorced. Also, he says, “Atleast I don’t go around acting like Daddy Long Legs!” YJ is shocked that Yoon Sung knows.

Yoon Sung finds the bald guy who is dishevelled and smelly. (He also has a bean sprout running down his ear, haha gross but cute.)

Back at JP’s Seoul headquarters, Yoon Sung is getting scolded and slapped as well. While JP scolds Yoon Sung he says a memorable line, “I don’t want to lose you as well!” (Wow, I like how JP’s character has developed so much, he’s cold but also cares deeply for Yoon Sung.)

After the scolding, the bald guy debriefs them both about where Target Number Two will be for the next mission. JP allows Yoon Sung to be a part of the mission but warned not to botch things up. Also, anyone that stands in their way will be killed. JP will also join the mission.

Yoon Sung and the bald guy are concerned that Nana will be there and killed or hurt by JP. They try to plan something a) Yoon Sung breaks her ankle, b) Yoon Sung puts diarrhea medicine into her food, c) The bald guy drops a vase on her head. Haha oh dear, I was laughing out loud when they were going through the options.

They are on the rooftop of Nana’s building. Yoon Sung has his reservations about this plan, because Nana might get seriously hurt. Once they see Nana walking below, the bald guy picks up a brick to throw at her. HAHAAHAHAHA I laughed so hard when he was doing that.

Then the bald guy picks up a vase to throw at her and Yoon Sung objects, while they struggle together a flower pot and cooking pot land on Nana’s head. 

She’s hurt but not badly! (Hahahaha, in Korean we have a funny word to describe someone like Nana, “Stone head.”)

Yoon Sung and the bald guy are both surprised that she’s not hurt badly, Nana on the other hand is screaming that she will kill whoever is up there.

The next option: Yoon Sung puts diarrhea medicine into Nana’s drink, but the moment her partner sees it. She wants the drink instead and gulps it down to Yoon Sung’s dismay and disgust.

Then Da Hae demands that they go to karoake together because they have finished. Yoon Sung refuses at first but they end up going!

Da Hae sings her heart out to Yoon Sung, the song is “Babo” by “Hae Ryung.” Nana’s partner is starting to have uhhm.. problems with her digestive system. The three girls end up going to the bathroom and Yoon Sung sneaks out to meet the bald guy.

Haha the bald guy is also singing at the karoake, he’s singing “Mushiro.” (Baek Ji Young did a reinterpration of this song for Survival: I Am a Singer.) The bald guy fixes up Yoon Sung and both are concerned about their botched plan.

In the restroom Nana’s partner needs to use the toilet badly, while Nana suggests that she will be outside.


Alas! As Nana chases down the bald guy, we only figure out that the bald guy was invovled with Nana’s accident as a witness. (Hmm!)

Back in the woman’s restroom, Da Hae overhears two girls next to her bad-mouthing the president and also commenting how the youngest daughter can’t even read.

Da Hae is angry saying that the president’s daughter can read fine! The two women ask, “Are you the president’s daughter or something?” Da Hae exclaims that she is! Her bodyguard comes out, is asked who she is, and answers that she’s the bodyguard. The two girls don’t believe the other two. Da Hae ends up punching one of the girls, and the bodyguard is helpless because of her stomach.

The girls go all out at each other screaming, other people that were in the karoake take pictures!

The next day, Nana and her partner’s supervisor is furiuos! He gives them both punishment, suspensions and pay cuts.

Nana is distraught and almost in tears as she leaves. Yoon Sung stops her and comments, “Hey since you are on leave, you should go home and rest. Also, clean up the apartment it was pretty dirty.” Nana is even more upset calls him an insensitive dolt and rushes off. Yoon Sung quietly says, “You have no idea how thankful I am.”

Back on the roof of Nana’s apartment, she is thinking about the bald guy.

Ahh! Finally we know why the bald guy is so considered about Nana. It appears that he was a witness who changed his statement. (Probably after pressure, I shouldn’t do this but I’m guessing that YJ’s father hit Nana’s parents, then YJ’s father pressured the bald guy into changing his statement to make Nana’s father responsible instead.) Yoon Sung arrives with tissues, throws them at Nana saying, “If you’re going to cry, cry at home.” He drags her downstairs to his car and they drive off!

At first Nana is reluctant and wondering where they are going. She asks Yoon Sung why he’s always being so nice to her, “You paid for my father’s medical fees, saved my apartment, put bandaids on me, and now you’re going on a drive with me.” Yoon Sung deflects then tells her that he wants to put her in a good mood. He tells her to cry or scream! He begins to scream about Da Hae. Nana follows suit and begins to scream about her supervisor, her partner, and then Yoon Sung. She screams, “Yoon Sung the way you look and everything you do is @sshatery.” 

They had stopped for a bit and were drinking coffee when Yoon Sung asks if Nana really thinks he’s just an @ss. Suddenly it begins to rain and the roof for the car isn’t working! They both end up driving to Yoon Sung’s pimped out home. 

Back at Yoon Sung’s home, he is checking out Nana’s body. (As she is wearing white and all wet.) He stammers for her to hide her body and throws some clothes at her. He says, “You just ruined my eyes. You don’t even have a good body.” Nana is shocked as well. Then he gives her a shirt to wear and tells her to take a shower. Yoon Sung goes to fix up his wound and get refreshed as well.

Nana is trying to cook ramen for Yoon Sung, but she’s wearing a shirt with no pants! (I think and I hope?) Yoon Sung is speechless. (Understandably.)

Nana is then jumping because she can’t reach a bowl, Yoon Sung gets it for her and they have another moment together. Yoon Sung mumbles that he’s not going to eat. (Haha, love how he doesn’t know what to do with her >_

Nana takes a sip of wine while watching TV on the sofa, but she ends up falling asleep. Yoon Sung is admiring her and touching her hair, then he gets up real close to her face.

Nana opens her eyes to see Yoon Sung about to kiss her. She closes them while curling her hand getting ready for it… AND! 

Bleh… we and the two are interrupted by JP’s phone call. (GAHHHHHHH(&#($*&!@(*#&!@)(*!@()$*)!@(&*#$)!@*#!*(^#(*!@&#!*(&#@()*#@())

The next morning Yoon Sung takes Nana home. They both probably made a deep connection the day before, and they are a bit awkward but happy. Nana asks Yoon Sung if there is anything he wants cooked and waiting for him. He asks for “japchae” with lots of meat. (Japchae: Korean style stir fry noodles.)

Right when we think that nothing bad will happen to the two, Nana gets a call from the supervisor, she is back on Target Number Two’s protection because Target Number Two was adamant!

Yoon Sung on the other hand is dubious to this fact and continuing his mission. Target Number Two is in the middle of a “discussion forum” of sorts, when Yoon Sung begins to play the clip of Target Number Two making a shady deal with the arms dealer. Target Number Two begins to walk away, and Yoon Sung is looking for him walking down the stairs. YJ is also after Target Number Two.

YJ spots Yoon Sung, and he exclaims, “The City Hunter!” The two begin to rumble as YJ jumps Yoon Sung pushing him down the stairs.

The two continue to struggle and fight, with YJ trying to reveal the true identity of the “City Hunter.” (Just so you guys know not all prosecutors in Korea are as adept as YJ in hand-to-hand combat.) Yoon Sung manages to kick YJ away and rushes down to get to Target Number Two.

Right when Yoon Sung has caught up with his prey. Nana aims her gun at him! 

YJ also arrives to the scene, and yells at Nana to capture Target Number Two. In perfect bad guy fashion, Target Number Two turns the gun on Nana telling them both not to move any closer. Target Number Two fires the gun warning them. Nana then decides to hit Target Number Two but she is thrown over the ledge!

JP is watching everything from below. (Ruh Oh! He’s going to learn about NANA!)

As Target Number Two runs away. YJ and Yoon Sung both stare at each other. YJ rushes after Target Number Two, while Yoon Sung rushes after Nana.

Yoon Sung catches Nana with one arm just in time. Nana is surprised! ACK! The two are staring at each other but Yoon Sung is using his bad arm. (>_

The show ends in a cliffhanger with Yoon Sung’s arm dripping blood from the shoulder wound…


Final Comments

So we finally figured out the relationship between the bald guy and Nana. Nana’s parents were in a car accident, (probably involving YJ’s parents) there was a cover-up that involved the bald guy and he probably feels guilty. YJ also feels guilty and although we don’t know exactly why, because of the accident he’s been acting all “daddy long legs” on Nana.

I loved the interaction between Yoon Sung and Nana, especially when they were going through ways trying to get Nana off of being Target Number Two’s bodyguard. (The moment the bald guy tried to throw a brick I was laughing out loud.)

Also, YJ and Yoon Sung’s relationship was never amiable they were always rivals in a way but before this episode they never had any physical altercations with each other like they did today.

At the very end of the episode YJ seals his fate with Nana, he runs off for Target Number Two choosing his mission, while Yoon Sung stays behind to save Nana. (A scene that said a lot about the difference between the two.)


City Hunter as a comic-to-film

Episode 7 and Episode 8 of City Hunter contained elements that made me realize that the show is very “comic-bookesque.” The drama itself has developed into a way that reminds me of the various comic-to-film movies that are playing and very popular today. Take your pick: Thor, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, and Superman etc.

The reason I began to think this way was for various reasons:

A) Cinematography

Many of the scenes in the drama are very beautiful and crisp. A lot of the scenes also seem surreal. Also, the drama uses flashbacks in a very succinct manner, whereas most of the times when flashbacks aren’t done well they are disruptive and redundant. The scene that really reminded me of many comic book to film movies was Yoon Sung’s dream scene.

B) Comic Elements

A funny scene in episode 7 that stuck out to me was when the bald guy and Yoon Sung were preparing to kidnap Target Number Two. The bald guy was worried that he would be made by the other broadcast workers, Yoon Sung smiled and told him to button up his shirt, but the bald guy was too fat. The two were laughing and something about that scene was cute and memorable.

Episode 8 was filled with laugh out loud moments. The bald guy hiding in the trash can with a piece of cabbage covering his bald spot. The bald guy crying when he sees Yoon Sung, but is covered in SH*T. Once again, the brick/pot throwing scene and also when Nana’s partner had to go to the bathroom badly. I always enjoy this kind of humor ;).

C) Fluid Action Scenes

Now these scenes have been a part of almost every episode, but these action scenes are done very well and SOoooooo SLICK! I hope they keep up the “Jason Bourne” style of using ordinary props for fighting scenes.

Elements from the City Hunter Manga

Now I know many of you before had decided to forget about the City Hunter original manga series and look at the City Hunter drama in a new light. But, now that we have about 8 episodes under our belt, I wanted to briefly discuss the elements from the manga that do appear in the drama series. 

A) Yoon Sung (AKA the City Hunter)

Yoon Sung is in the process of becoming the character “Ryo Saeba.” Of course the interpretation is different and so is the setting but, the two have many similar qualities. Ryo Saeba had a soft spot for beautiful women and always showed his true colors of being courageous and just. Of course, Ryo Saeba was also a pervert.

Throughout the episodes we continue to see this in Yoon Sung, as he tries to be cold to others and is often says very derogatory things to everyone. For example, to Nana he says “You look like you’re a B-Cup, I don’t date people that are C-Cups.” Of course, Ryo Saeba on the other hand was always trying to chase women, I think this is a similar element. Especially when Yoon Sung checks out Nana then says, “You just ruined my eyes, your body sucks too!” 


B) Nana and Her Judo Body Slam

Nana is also somewhat similar to her corresponding character in the manga series: Kaori Makimura. Kaori is tomboyish and loves Ryo Saeba. She uses a bazooka quite frequently, and she has a humongous 100 ton hammer that she uses to punish Ryo Saeba whenever he does something perverted or tries to womanize. At the end of the manga series, she ends up getting married with Ryo Saeba. 

Nana in the drama uses a judo slam which corresponds to the 100 ton hammer. Nana in many ways is also tomboyish but of course, given her background she has a soft spot as well. 

C) The Bald Guy 

I actually call this character “the bald guy” for a reason. Growing up and watching the anime I remembered that there was a bald character “Umibozu” who always helps out Ryo Saeba. In the manga, “Umibozu” was very buff and had a lot of military training, but he also appeared quite a few times for comic relief. In the manga series, this character and Ryo Saeba had history dating back to the civil war in Central America. 

The bald guy in our beloved drama plays a slightly different role. Although he has history with Yoon Sung and also helps him out like his manga counterpart, he is also plays the mother figure feeding Yoon Sung and worrying about the relationship between father and son.

I have to say, I like the way that these different characters and elements are being reinterpreted in this drama. Anyways, sorry for the late update on the comments guys! As you can see the drama is becoming more intensive which requires more screenshots for the recap T_T. Also, I just wanted to talk a bit about the manga because as the show develops I am becoming more convinced that this is a worthy prequel/adaptation of the manga/anime series! 

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