Kim Hyun Joong’s single “Break Down” is number one on the K-chart. He has charmed his way into fans hearts with this steamy number. How long do you think this alluring track will stay at the very top?

[Comeback/Goodbye Stages] F(x) returns to the Music Bank stage with their “Hot Summer” debut. Will these four unique ladies find love this sizzling season on the K-chart? Only time will tell as this new song begins its rise up the singles’ list. BEAST, on the other hand, is wrapping up their award winning tale on the show. The boy band performed “Fiction” for the last time on Music Bank.

The following list of “Kpoppers on top” took to the stage with their own unique singles: BGH to, N-Train, Rania, Tae Ha, X -5, Yong Ji, M to M, LedApple, December, Boyfriend, 5Dolls, Ji Sun, Heo Young Saeng, 4Men, Sunny Hill, F T Island, Bae Ji Young, and SECRET.

Kim Hyun Joong’s Winning Moment

BEAST says “Goodbye” with the last chapter of their “Fiction” bestseller

Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down

SECRET – Starlight Moonlight

F T Island – Hello Hello

 F(x) is anticipating a “Hot Summer” full of love

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

4Men – To Live At Least Once

Heo Young Saeng – Let It Go

Ji Sun – Dear Wind

5Dolls – Like This Or Like That

Jang Jae In – A Toy Soldier

Boyfriend – Boyfriend

LedApple – How Dare You

Young Jee – It Is Nothing

X – 5 – The Show Is Over

Tae Ha – Last Present

Rania – Masquerade

N – Train – One Last Cry

BGH to – I Love “Always” Be Happy

2PM’s Teaser For Next Week

Kim Hyun Joong and BEAST backstage

f(x) Backstage

Credits: XSports/Star News, TV Daily and yt cr: UnknownCarrot170

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