U-KISS Holds Press Conference in Malaysia

U-KISS held a press conference in Kuala Lumpur last week before their showcase that was held later in the evening. The U-KISS “Bran New Kiss Album Showcase 2011” was jointly organized by Redstar and Marctensia.

The press conference was held 10AM in Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant on Friday June 10th.This was U-KISS’ second time in Malaysia after the first visit last year. They missed the Malaysian fans and they were happy to see fans waiting for them when they arrived at the airport.

110610 Press Conference
The press conference was held in English with the fluent members talking the most and translating for the others. When asked about Malaysian food, they like to eat sate and had a taste of it for dinner.

They talked about the plans for the show case, which were to sing four songs and to play games with fans.

The group was also asked how they felt about the new album since it is comprised of mostly ballads and has a more softer image compared to their previous one. They replied that this time they want to show their vocal improvement without the auto-tune and they felt good about it.

Aside from singing, the boys also talked about their acting careers. Dong Ho has had roles in several dramas and a movie within a year. He commented he enjoyed acting and will keep learning to improve his skill.

110610 Press Conference
U-KISS also expressed interest to participating in variety shows, such as in We Got Married. They don’t mind who their wife is as long as the person is a girl.

After the press conference, U-KISS members had a private lunch and photo session in the same place with fans before proceeding to the showcase in the afternoon.

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Photos by kuehkoci