Miss A’s Min Donates to UNICEF

On June 21st, “Happy Birthday to Min” is the last thing she wants to hear. Instead, she would rather give up her day in order to help a child in need. If you still want to give her a gift, donate Therapeutic Milk to hungry children around the world. Or, better yet…..just donate your birthday this year to UNICEF!

Recently, her agency, AQ Entertainment, tweeted the following message on their official account:

“miss A became a part of the ‘Unicef Birthday Donation’ !! �de42 You should participate too~!!”

Why should we particpate? Min explains it best through the following video:

Will you donate? Check out UNICEF’s website here to discover how you can follow the Miss A member’s example and make a difference in someone’s life. A birthday is just the beginning.

Credits: @AQEOFFICIAL, UNICEFMedia, and @missA_min