Yang Yoseob Regrets Leaving "Immortal Song 2"

Cube Entertainment recently announced that BEAST’s Yoseob would be leaving the show “Immortal Song 2” due to BEAST’s upcoming promotions in Japan. The group will be leaving for Japan on June 20th leading to Yoseob’s exit from the show.

During the first episode if “Immortal Song 2,” Yoseob sang “Mom” and wowed the audience with his vocal talent. He proved that the hype of being BEAST’s lead vocal was not just a title.

Yoseob stated his regret about exiting the show early. He added, “I felt a lot of pressure from ‘Immortal Song 2.’ I don’t know how the other idol singers felt about the show, but I was worried about it, and it became a burden. It got to the point where I had trouble sleeping at night because I was thinking about the show.”

The producers of “Immortal Song 2” added that Yoseob continued to work hard on the show and exerted a lot of effort during rehearsals. It was also said that Yoseob had trouble memorizing lyrics in a short amount of time and it was very stressful for him.

Yoseob also said, “When we decided that I was going to withdraw from the show, I was relived because the tension and burden of the show was gone instantly. However, at the same time, I felt regretful because I don’t think I got the opportunity to show my all on the show.”

On returning to the show, Yoseob said, “If I have the opportunity to join the show again, I will definitely go willingly. I want more opportunities to perform on the show. Lee Hongki, who will join the show as a new contestant, called me and it reminded me of when I first joined the show as a contestant.”

One of the members Dongwoon added, “Even though the members were nervous for the results of the show, we knew that even if Yoseob placed last, he would still be in the top six idol singers.”

BEAST won two triple crowns for their song “Fiction” from their first album, “Fiction And Fact.” The group won for two weeks in a row on Inkigayo as well. The album was released last May 17th.

Source: Newsen