BEAST Gi Kwang’s Short Height due to High Academic Pressure?

BEAST Lee Gi Kwang and his father appeared on a recent episode of SBS “Sweet Hometown Outing,”and revealed his middle school transcript to explain the true reason for his relatively short height.

Gi Kwang’s grade sheet was indeed impressive as he received nine “A”s out of 11 total classes. The two classes he got a “B” were in Korean and Science, but those scores were also in the high 80s, meaning he closely missed “A”s which is generally given to scores over 90.


With such outstanding academic records, Gi Kwang’s father said, “I tried to stop Gi Kwang from becoming a celebrity since he was such an exemplary student.”

However, his father also revealed Gi Kwang’s one weakness saying, “Gi Kwang is 99.9% perfect, but he has a 0.1% weakness, and that’s his short height. It’s because he didn’t sleep in his teens (when you grow the most) since he had to study and train as a singer at the same time.”

He added, “When Gi Kwang first passed the JYP audition, he was an outstanding student. But I was just concerned that if he doesn’t succeed as a singer, it would become very difficult for him to find a job without proper education. So I made him work hard both on his studies and practices.”

Gi Kwang’s official height is listed at 170.5 cm, or roughly 5’7”. But based on his TV appearances and screen shots standing next to fellow celebrities with similar heights, he’s believed to be around 165 cm, or 5’5”.