After School Holds Graduation Party for Bekah

After School held the group’s first-ever graduation party on Saturday night following Friday’s unexpected withdrawal of Bekah from the group. Pledis Entertainment released photos of the party with an official statement Sunday morning saying, “Saturday night on June 18th, all members of After School and officials from Pledis Entertainment joined together for Bekah’s graduation party.”

“All the group and staff members talked about the good memories from the past, sharing laughs and tears together. Bekah gave a special message to everyone and revealed her future plans as well,” the statement said.

After School runs under a unique graduation system where members “enroll” and “graduate” regularly. Bekah has become the first official alumni of After School with her graduation this month. She is expected to talk about her feelings at the After School fan meeting on July 9th.

Pledis Entertainment added, “We truly appreciate the fans for showing so much support and love for Bekah. Bekha has always been and will always be a proud member of After School forever. She’s made a tough decision with her career, so we hope the fans will continue to support her pursue her dreams.”

Bakah has decided to move back to Hawaii and study design, which was her original dream. Meanwhile, Bekah’s self-composed track will be released soon as her “graduate dissertation,” which will mark the end of her “enrolment” at After School.