Motorcyclist Could Have Been Alive Before Daesung’s Hit?

Reaffirming our story from last week, MBC News reported today that the National Forensic Service (NFS) finalized initial investigation over Daesung’s car accident and raised the possibility of the motorcyclist possibly being alive prior to Daesung’s hit.

The report by NFS answered why the motorcyclist was lying on the street before getting run over by Daesung’s car on May 31st. It said a blood alcohol level of 0.16% was discovered from the motorcyclist, thus he was completely intoxicated before crashing himself into the streetlight. The collision caused the motorcyclist to go unconscious immediately and pass out on the street. However, whether the crash was the direct cause of the victim’s death is still not clear.

“It doesn’t look like the collision was as severe to cause immediate death,” the NFS told MBC News.

Also, the NFS confirmed there were no hit-and-run accidents prior to Daesung’s accident, meaning he was the only contact the victim had after crashing into the streetlight.

Therefore, the NFS concluded, “We cannot totally exclude the possibility of the victim being alive before getting hit by Daesung’s car.” However, they said if the time difference between the victim’s crash and Daesung’s contact was long, the motorcyclist could have possibly died as a result of excess bleeding.

The NFS said they would submit a report containing this information to the police by Tuesday. But the NFS has again failed to release clear information on whether the victim was alive or not before Daesung’s crash, so it remains to be seen how the police will react to this report.

Source: MBC News

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