Kim Hyung Jun Returns to Charm Fans with His Humor

The youngest member of SS501 Kim Hyung Jun was back in Singapore on June 17 to hold his second fan meeting. Held at Rock Auditorium Suntec City, Kim Hyung Jun performed 6 songs and played games with the fans. A high-five session with Kim Hyung Jun followed for fans who purchased the top category ticket. This fan meeting was organized by Bling Entertainment.

Excited fans from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, were waiting to enter the venue while several fanclubs were giving out cheering goods. After some delay due to Kim Hyung Jun’s ending his rehearsal later than scheduled, fans were finally allowed into the venue at 7:40pm and the show started shortly after.

Kim Hyung Jun took to the stage with the title song “Oh! Ah” from his first solo mini album “My Girl,” inviting screams and cheers from fans whenever he made body contact with his female dancers. The song was also accompanied by timed fan chants from Triple S (fans name for SS501).

He later sat down to chat with the emcee Ken from Radio 1003 who gave him a Singlish (Singaporean English) lesson on words like ‘lah’, ‘meh’, and ‘sia’, teaching him how to attach them to the end of words and sentences. Being a quick learner, Kim Hyung Jun was soon teasing Ken with “handsome meh?”, drawing loud laughters from the audience.

When asked who is the next artist that he wants to work with after having collaborated with a few others in his first solo mini album, Kim Hyung Jun first joked that it would be Ken the emcee, then mentioned fellow SS501 member Park Jung Min‘s name (there was no translation at some parts) but later answered that it would be Beyonce. Ken probed further about Park Jung Min’s name being brought up. Kim Hyun Jun replied: “Jung Min? He’s not Sexy. He’s not handsome. He’s not cute. He’s Jung Min… horse.” again receiving laughters with his reply.

The first lucky fan picked to go on stage received a portrait drawn by Kim Hyung Jun. The Thai fan praised him for his good drawing and received hugs from Kim Hyung Jun in return. Smart move!!

Five more fans were picked through a lucky draw of their ticket stubs and they got to play a polaroid game with their idol. In this game, they each had to pick a scroll that had a body part written on it, the fan and Kim Hyung Jun then had to pose for a photo with the said body parts in contact. After the fans left the stage, Kim Hyung Jun spotted several toddlers among the VIP guests on the first row. He invited them to take a photo with him on stage, much to the envy of the green peas (nickname of Triple S).

Jessica, a Russian 18-year-old girl who stood out starkly among the audience, was handpicked to go on stage to be serenaded by Kim Hyung Jun with his song ‘I Am’. The fan appeared to be quite cool though, putting on a straight face throughout. I’m sure many fans would have killed to be in her place instead!

A fanmade video from Triple S Singapore was shown and their love letter to Kim Hyung Jun was read out by the translator. Kim Hyung Jun was touched and thanked fans for their love, saying he’s always on the receiving end. Fans also prepared a star trophy for their Number One and Kim Hyung Jun gamely took it and kissed it, giving thanks to his parents, brother Ki Bum and doggie Choco as though he just won an award. Watch the video to see how Kim Hyung Jun imitates Choco’s barking!

A pleasant surprise of the night was seeing Kim Hyung Jun sing ‘U R Man’ all by himself, a song previously sang by SS501 sub-unit Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng.

Kim Hyung Jun performed ‘Oh! Ah!’, ‘Girl’, ‘I Am’, ‘You’re Not Other Woman’, ‘Heaven’, ‘U R Man’ and returned with two encore songs ‘Oh! Ah!’, and ‘Girl’, before bowing to fans and bidding goodbye for the night. For more pictures, please visit our gallery.

Special thanks to Bling Entertainment and Creators Production for inviting Soompi to cover the fanmeeting. For updates of their future events, please follow them on Facebook.

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