Japan’s Top Girl Group Applaud SNSD’s Live Concert in Tokyo

Japan’s top girl group AKB48 praised SNSD after attending the “2011 Girls’ Generation Arena Tour” in Tokyo held on June 18th.

We just returned from SNSD’s live concert (in Japan). It gave us a lot of new lessons. In particular, we were shocked by their skilled choreography and colorful style. We already surrendered,” Kikuchi Ayaka of AKB48 wrote on their blog.

Fellow AKB48 member Aika Oota added, “They were so adorable. I was really touched and had a great time. They (SNSD) have nine different members, yet their performance was so organized, and I was really impressed.”

Another AKB48 member Hirazima Natumi praised the Korean girl group saying, “Just from the beginning, the aura was amazing and it gave me chills. Three hours past by so fast. We want to give a live performance as good as SNSD.”

The Japanese girl group also released backstage photos taken with SNSD, where some members were seen holding gifts as well.

Meanwhile, SNSD will return to Korea and hold the “2011 Girls Generation Tour” in Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.