BEAST Comments on Rivalry with 2PM and Big Bang

In a recent interview with E Daily, BEAST talked about their honest feelings regarding competition and the direction of the careers, and surprisingly, they don’t see themselves at the level others do. Due to their recent streak of wins on music shows and their meteoric rise this past year, there is a lot of buzz about the group being comparable to 2PM or even Big Bang.

This is what BEAST said about their honest feelings towards their careers right now and the comparison.

We’ve been really happy lately, and have even begun wondering whether we’ve ever received such love since our debut. A lot of people compare us to Big Bang and 2PM and say that we’re at the height of our fame. Although we feel good hearing that, it’s also scary. We honestly think that it’s too early for us to hear such praise. If we’re already at the height of our fame, then there’s no way to go but down. We still think we have a long road left and promise to work hard at everything as if it was our first time.”

Despite their reservations, is it possible they are comparable?

I remember the first time I heard BEAST, it was when I first saw the MV to “Shock.” I was blown away, not only by how catchy the song was, but by the amazing choreography. I knew right away I just had to learn the dance! The “Shock Of The New Era” mini-album was good but I felt it was missing something.

Then I heard the “Mastermind” album and I was jumping with joy. The sound seemed different; there seemed to be more layers. Then I heard “Soom” and nearly fell over. Choreography…better…than…Shock!? I was shocked! (Ouch, bad pun.) I nearly hyperventilated hearing that this was just part 1 and then they released the “Lights Go On Again” mini-album, which as a whole packaged was even more refined.

I can’t forget to mention the Japanese mini album for “Shock” which actually did better in it’s first week in the Oricon chart (2nd) than Big Bang’s Japanese debut in it’s first week (3rd.)

Then came “Fiction” and the game changed once again. This is where things get interesting and merit is added to this idea about them rivaling Big Bang. With “Fiction” as my favorite piece of the album, I love how Hyun Seung has stepped up and really stood out in promotions, and I love how the whole album has a very strong mature feel to it. The production is amazing and the members of BEAST have gone through another evolution. Their voices sound more confident, there seems to be more range, and more interesting vocal melodies. The album is nothing to look down upon for sure, but can they rival Big Bang or 2PM?

I feel like 2PM and Big Bang are much more established, especially considering Big Bang has been around a lot longer and had more chances to spread into the international market. But when it comes down to talent, I can see BEAST holding their own. It’s worth mentioning that member Hyun Seung auditioned for Big Bang but sadly was the only person not to make it. When Cube created and debuted BEAST they were called a “recycled group” but they have shed that stigma with strength. They have strong vocals, a strong group precense, a dedicated fan base, and arguably some of the best choreography in the business.

2PM are the “beastly idols,” and Big Bang is currently very “electro club” and epic anthem orientated (an image GD wants to partly move past). BEAST, however, seems to focus on music that is either filled with their emotions or in thanking of the fans. (See song “Thanks To“).  All groups have their pros and cons, but to compare the three seems like a hard thing to do when they are not directly competing.

I think that with BEAST’s recent domination of the music shows and their amazing success with a Japanese debut and with Fiction, they have certainly taken a step into the upper echelons. The only thing that remains to be seen, something that could decided if BEAST can be one of the best with 2PM and Big Bang, is what they do next.

Interview Exerpt Source: iBigBang

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